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Hello! My name is Maighdlin M Kelly. I exist at the weird intersection of amateur astronomer and professional astrologer. More importantly, I’m a space artist.

Every Wednesday since January 2022 I have been doing free community astronomy lessons where we get to learn all about the night sky together. I also have an etsy shop with handmade jewelry. The love of my life though, is drawing galaxies, planets, nebulae, and other cosmic beauties. I am no longer offering consultations in favor of dedicating myself to space art.

Past works:

My work has previously been featured on Planet Weird‘s award-winning series Hellier where I was consulted to see how the “goblin” phenomena was manifesting from an astrological perspective.

Most recently I had the pleasure of being a guest on SaturnVox podcast with McCalla Ann in February 2023. In this episode we discussed all things paranormal and using astrology as a navigation tool through the strange. Check it out here.

In June 2022 I hosted a live workshop called Stargazing for Paranormal Investigators where I taught fellow weirdos how to confidently star-hop across the night sky and how to differentiate between celestial phenomena commonly mistaken for UFOs. The recording and materials for this class can be purchased here.

In February 2022 I was a speaker at Phenomenacon 3 where I gave a presentation on the astrology of Hellier and how astrology can be used to navigate paranormal experiences.

In October 2021 I gave my first ever conference presentation at PanParacon where I hosted an introductory class on natal astrology with a special focus on the natal chart of Art Bell which you can watch here.

One of my astrological special-interests is the use of declination and out of bounds planets in astrology. All of that content, including an out of bounds planet calendar, can be found on my other site I also recommend checking out the free introduction class I did on this subject for Sharing Space which you can watch here.

You can also learn more about me and my work in these podcasts:

  • On Personal Pans Vanessa and I had a really fun chat about astrology, science, play, and how the sky belongs to everyone. We also talk about UFO hunting and stargazing side quests with #WUFO.
  • On Chaos and Shadow Kyle and I discuss everything from what to expect during an astrological consultation and ethics in the field to using astrology to explore the paranormal and how current astro-weather can affect seances and investigations.
  • On The Eternal Void But With Jazz APStrange and I host a casual remove viewing experiment then take a look at the natal chart of famed remote viewer Ingo Swann.
  • In my interview with Two Witches Podcast SJ, Andrea, and I look into the natal charts of two nuns and discuss how clearly their lives were reflected in the literal heavens.
  • You can also find an interview with me on Some Other Sphere where Rick and I go over some key concepts in astrology.

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Maighdlin M Kelly 2023