11 November 2019

Happy 11/11!

Today I’m celebrating 11/11 and Mercury cazimi and its rare transit across the Sun by taking my first steps into a new Lenormand project. Public speaking is something that I have always struggled with so to gently work on that I came up with an idea to do a mini podcast/youtube series where I do a weekly interpretation of a 9-card Lenormand spread. I will start releasing that once I get a new microphone because right now the audio quality is pretty terrible. I’m excited to do this because there aren’t many regular Lenormand interpretation or forecasting videos out there, plus I can share any relevant astrological transits or events.

Another lovely update: I recently completed Jessica Dore’s online Tarot Skills class. I found it invaluable not only for my Tarot readings, but for my Astrology readings too. If you are not familiar with her work I highly recommend following her on Twitter for a daily dose of Tarot and healing.

Another thing to celebrate is the coming Full Moon tomorrow morning at 08:30am EST in the tropical zodiac sign of Taurus. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate and honor the land you’re on. If you’re in North America you can see which Nation’s land you’re on here.

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