Salvador Dalí Tarot Deck Re-Issued

Salvador Dalí himself as El Mago – The Magician

The Salvador Dalí Tarot deck is finally getting reprinted, yay!

The first time I got to use this deck was back in 2007 or 2008. My mentor had one with the gilt edges that she used only occasionally and for regular clients. I had no idea Dalí had a tarot deck at that time and as an AP Art History student and budding Tarot reader, I was enthralled by it. My mentor let me draw a few cards and I felt like Dalí himself was in the back of my mind proudly announcing his presence: “I am SALVADOR DALI!!”

I tried for years to find a copy of this deck, but while out of print the cost shot up to hundreds of dollars. My mentor actually got hers through a magical happy accident where her store randomly got one in a shipment by mistake. After about a decade of searching later I finally found a Dalí deck of my own and thankfully for much, much less than the average cost of about $250. Mine doesn’t have the fancy gilt edges, but it’s still the Dalí tarot. It’s a helluva deck for sure and one I prefer, like my mentor, to use mostly just for special occasions.

I’m most likely going to invest in the new printing because it also comes with a nifty book that I want. I also want a deck with the fancy gilt edges because why not? Ostentatious works well for this deck.