Getting to Know the Rana George Lenormand

One card from Rana George’s Lenormand deck in a bowl hand-painted by me and surrounded by shells I found in my homeland

About seven years ago I stopped by my favorite Magick shop in New Jersey one last time before it closed permanently. While there I noticed an unfamiliar, tiny deck displayed alongside an assortment of Tarot decks. In all the years I had frequented that shop I had never noticed this particular deck before. It was the Blue Owl Lenormand priced at $12. Up until that point I had only been reading the Thoth Tarot that I got at the very same shop about six years earlier. I was very happy with the Thoth deck and didn’t feel the need to get another one (until my mentor introduced me to the Dali deck), but for whatever reason I felt like this peculiar little deck caught my eye for a reason so I bought it.

The Essential Lenormand by Rana George

Most of what I know about Lenormand I learned from Rana George. Shortly after playing around with my new Blue Owl deck, I found Rana George’s book, “The Essential Lenormand” which became my primary textbook on the topic. I have been flipping through it regularly for years now. Everything you need to know about Lenormand, it’s history, and how to read the cards clearly and effectively is in there. I love it and highly recommend it. Years later when I learned Rana made her very own Lenormand deck I knew I had to have it.

#34 Fish – a card from Rana George’s Lenormand displayed in a bowl hand-painted by me and surrounded by shells I found in my homeland

Rana’s deck is breathtakingly beautiful. The art on every card is absolutely gorgeous and the gold makes them glitter and sparkle in an ethereal way that helps uplift the mind and spirit while reading. I love how many personal details Rana included in this deck. I won’t spoil all the fun, you’ll have to get it for yourself to see what I mean. The deck is slightly larger than my old Blue Owl, but still small enough for my tiny hands to be able to shuffle easily and comfortably. The cards are slightly thicker than my Blue Owl so I am sure they will stand the test of time.

Rana’s Lenormand deck features four new cards that she made herself: The Bed, The Marketplace, Incense, and Spirit. All of these cards are relevant to me, my work, and my clients, so I have included them all for my readings, but they are not necessary to use. I chose to keep the Bed because I often do readings for relationships and sexuality; the Marketplace because many of my clients are interested in work matters; Incense because I am a lifelong witch who has used incense and other herbal smoke cleansings in my personal and professional practice for years; and Spirit because that is one of the most important things to both me and my clients.

I am so excited to get to know this Lenormand deck. If you would like to purchase the deck for yourself you can do so here. If you would like to see what a reading is like with these cards you can purchase a reading from me here. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @astralkelly because I often do surprise (free!) two-card readings and host other exciting divination fun too.

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