I practice western astrology using the tropical zodiac and whole-sign house system. My technique is influenced by a mix of Hellenistic, modern psychological, and evolutionary astrology. My approach is unique as it incorporates my love of astronomy and storytelling with my technical skills to provide a reading that is both grounded and inspiring. My ultimate goal as an astrologer is to help clients embrace the wonder that is their quintessential, irreplaceable selves and meet their journeys with a renewed sense of reverence and personal empowerment.

Click here to book a session! I specialize in natal birth chart readings as well as personal astrological forecasting and guidance. My astrological consultations are perfect for astrology lovers, newbies, seasoned practitioners, and even skeptics! Let’s work together to explore the universe within your chart and beyond. Book a personalized astrological consultation now.

Maighdlin M Kelly 2022