“A reading with Maighdlin is Astronomia, I love how they incorporate astronomy and other ideas and disciplines into the readings. They are really thorough and do a great job explaining the different planets/aspects and possible impacts based on everything in your chart in a completely personal and relatable way. This was my first and I have to say, there is something so special about getting a reading, you see how incredibly singular you are, just like everyone that was, is, and will ever be, all connected under the same sky.”


“To celebrate finally learning my official birth time, I got a reading from Maighdlin. Not only did I learn fascinating, research based information, but I was able to record the session to watch back! I also received a set of PDF resources that I continuously reference afterwards. It’s not only a reading, it gives you the tools to keep asking questions and being curious about your chart and about astrology in general. I cannot recommend it enough. Do it for yourself, or give an amazing gift!”


“Maighdlin is inviting, easy to understand, and incredibly knowledgeable. I didn’t fully understand what astrology was used for or how it can be applied until I had a reading by them. It’s an exploration of self and how we can grow. I felt really energized and confident after their video reading.”


“Getting a reading with Maighdlin taught me about both myself and the planets. You couldn’t get a reading from a more insightful and just plain nice person. Highly recommend them for your astrological needs.”

Jayson S

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